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3rd Edition 2022 Employment Assistance Program Africa Summit

The third annual EAP Africa Summit took place on Tuesday, October 11th organized by Supreme Health Care Management Services and in partnership with @FortyLives.
Our Founder @tucciivowi joined other panellists to speak on the theme: Redefining Employee Mental Well-being Strategy to Accelerate Business Growth and Increase Bottom line. She touched on the essence of a necessary change of attitude towards mental health and its related topics. There were representatives from the private sector, NGOs, government and development organizations. The EAP aims to address various issues almost every employee faces that prevent them from delivering as expected. EAP is not for a selected few but all employees and should be used and adopted by every organization. There was a wake up call for all Managers to check in with their team members and be concerned about possible factors that may contribute to the low performance of some of them and not leave that to only the HR department.
The overarching message is that everyone must understand that their mental health is as important as physical health. Total health should be on everyone’s agenda.
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Mental Health Talk on Work-Life Balance with SG Etiquette Consulting

In collaboration with SG Etiquette Consulting, Two members of the @fortylives team; Roxanne Quaye (Executive Administrator   and one of our Volunteers Psychologist  Ebenezer Korli) shared some tips on work-life balance and stress management. The entire team of hospitality professionals thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted greatly from the session and they look forward to more educative sessions.

Miss Universe Ghana

As part of awareness creation for Forty Lives and Mental Health in general, Forty Lives Foundation collaborated with Supreme Healthcare Management Services to provide mental health support  to participants of the Miss Universe Ghana 2021 pageant. 
It was successful and refreshing as most of the contestants were encouraged to seek professional help whenever they felt mentally exhausted and some also got their counseling needs met.
Kindly watch the via the link and enjoy.