Six Suicide Prevention Tips


Suicide prevention refers to the efforts made, and steps taken to prevent or reduce the risk of suicide in a person or people who show behavioral signs and suicidal attempts. Many people die as a result of suicide because, to them, it was the only way out of pain that appeared unbearable.

Some of the warning signs of suicide include the expression of the feeling of hopelessness, always keeping weapons such as guns, pills, knives, or pills by one’s side, the obsession with talking about death, extreme loss of concentration, the feeling of extreme isolation, and not taking good care of oneself.

Suicide can be successfully prevented by recognizing the warning signs, taking behavioral cues from such people seriously, and staying in touch on a regular basis to make them feel cared for and loved.

Below are five helpful tips to help with suicide prevention.

  1. To start with, speak to someone you trust when suicidal thoughts pop up in your mind. The more you talk to people you trust or confidants, the less the depression and the stronger the ability to fight such thoughts.


  1. Take potential lethal devices away from such people. If you encounter a person trying to commit suicide, it’s best to keep all dangerous devices away from them, as they could easily harm themselves with those devices when you are not watching.


  1. Offer support to people who are going through challenging times. People who receive love, care, and support whilst going through tough times hardly consider suicide as an option to end their troubles. Make such people understand that you are ready to listen to them and be there for them.


  1. Encouragement of positive lifestyle habits. Positive lifestyle habits such as exercising, gardening, swimming, taking walks, developing a good sleep pattern, and consuming regular balanced diets can help reduce stress and promote emotional wellbeing. Because of this, a person who has been having suicidal thoughts will usually be occupied and emotionally fit to even attempt suicide on another occasion.


  1. Encourage fun trips. Embarking on fun trips helps to refresh one’s mind and puts one’s sanity in a good place. Fun activities such as hiking, picnics, visiting museums, art galleries, adventure parks, etc. could help reduce the number of suicidal thoughts a person may have over a period and would even get better eventually.


  1. Seek professional help. You can encourage the person to visit a mental health facility and even opt to go on that consultation with them. Also, follow up just to ensure he or she is taking her medications seriously as well as their improvement assessment processes.


We love you and we need you to live. Suicide is not an option to end pain and suffering. Say NO to Suicide!!!


We at Forty Lives Foundation are always available to speak with you if you are having suicidal thoughts and need to confide in someone. Information shared with us is treated as highly confidential, so there is no need to panic. Kindly call us on 0551274646 or send us a message via Instagram: FortyLives, via Twitter: FortyLivesGH, or email us at Thank you.

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